Matt A. Dudics, Esq.
Certified Mediator
Serving Inland, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties

Matt Dudics, Certified Attorney Mediator, Arbitrator

Certified Attorney Mediator

1407 Foothill Boulevard
Suite 137
La Verne, CA 91750

Tel: 714.746.3018
Fax: 866.941.5335

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Hearing Fees*

      Mediation and arbitration sessions are typically scheduled in half-day (4 hour) or full-day (8 hour)
      blocks at the rate of $300 per hour.

      Reduced rates and time allotments are available for limited-issue and smaller cases.

      * Rates are all-inclusive, and there are no additional charges for travel time, file initiation,
        administration, or telephone consultations.  Payment should be made before the commencement
        of the hearing.

Continuance and Cancellation Policy
      If a party cancels a hearing two business days or less prior to the scheduled mediation/arbitration,
      and the hearing is not rescheduled at the time of cancellation, a cancellation fee of $150 is

Mediation Briefs
      Briefs should be RECEIVED by Matt Dudics 2 business days before the hearing, and may be designated as confidential, or shared with opposing counsel. Briefs should not exceed five pages unless the matter is extremely complex. Briefs should be informative rather than persuasive, and should include succinct sections addressing the following: 1) Factual Background; 2) Legal Theories of Recovery/Defense; 3) Evidence Supporting Recovery/Defenses; 4) Nature and Extent of Claimed Damages; 5) Details of Any Prior Settlement Negotiations; 6) Names and titles of all individuals who will attend the mediation.

      Relevant documentary exhibits and/or case law should be brought to the hearing if appropriate (do not fax or E-mail exhibits). All materials are treated as confidential unless otherwise designated by the parties.  Where appropriate, counsel are asked to share all the briefs with their clients. Briefs are accepted via e-mail, courier, or fax.

Mediation Attendance
      Persons with authority for a final, binding resolution should attend the hearing, pursuant to the requirements of CRC Rule 1634.   Please alert Mr. Dudics to special situations (absence of decision-makers, telephonic conferencing, need for ADA accommodations, etc.) so that opposing counsel can be notified and acceptable arrangements can be made. 

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