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My Settlement Approach

   Efficiency and productivity are paramount to me.

I won't waste your time giving lectures or telling war stories, and my introductory comments last no more than five minutes.   My approach to mediation follows an "issues - evidence - argument" progression to assist parties and counsel in arriving at logical, well-reasoned decisions about their positions.   By drawing on real-world considerations, and years of litigation and settlement experience, I always seek to evoke changes in position rather than compel them.

      I emphasize a common-sense approach that carefully examines the potential and probable costs, risks, and rewards of continued litigation.  Other than the obvious time and money-saving aspects of a mediated resolution,   I encourage the parties and counsel to consider many "intangible" settlement factors that are ignored in  the litigation process. 

Such factors include:

The opportunity to directly address and reason with an opposing party;

The time value of a case settled today;

Avoidance of adverse publicity; and personal embarrassment;

Avoidance of post-judgment collections procedures and delays;

The ability to structure time payments, or alternative forms of payment;

Maintaining the confidentiality of evidentiary items and settlement terms;

Establishing a settlement range that can narrowly focus future negotiations;

An end to the personal, mental, and emotional drain of continued litigation.


Matt Dudics, Certified Mediator / Arbitrator

I take my cases very seriously, but I try not to take myself too seriously.  I find that a little humor and a lot of perseverance are essential ingredients of a successful resolution.
Mediation as Opportunity

      All too often, mediation is viewed simply as a "numbers game", or some sort of court-imposed drudgery.  Instead, I promote a productive and cooperative atmosphere that emphasizes to the parties and counsel that mediation is a unique opportunity for a "customized" result.  Mediation affords all participants an opportunity to negotiate toward a result they know they can live with, while trial usually results in the complete disappointment of at least one party.

      The use of a neutral mediator allows counsel to educate the client as to possible areas of weakness  without jeopardizing the client's confidence in the attorney's commitment to the case.