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As a full-time mediator/arbitrator, efficiency and productivity are paramount to me. 

I won't waste your time recounting my qualifications, telling war stories, or lecturing you on mediation theory.  My introductory comments last no more than five minutes.  I emphasize a common-sense approach that carefully examines the potential and probable costs, risks, and rewards of continued litigation.

An ADR Administrator for the Courts, and qualified under the Dispute Resolution Programs Act; I am also a seasoned trial attorney who brings 30+ years of practical experience to the dispute resolution arena. I know what can - and does - happen in a courtroom, and use this experience to facilitate a well-reasoned resolution. 

When you achieve optimal results for your client while minimizing expense, time, and risk; you haven’t compromised – you’ve won.  Even assuming a verdict in your client’s favor, the economics of modern trials can marginalize or even nullify a favorable outcome.

You’ve done the research and discovery; and you know your case better than anyone.  Mediation allows you to convey your most powerful arguments directly to your opposition without objections or protracted courtroom proceedings.  You can maximize the impact of your client’s position without risking misinterpretation by a judge or jury.  Stay in control of your case – and the outcome.

Reasonable Rates affordable mediation and arbitration

Resolve Your Case for the Cost of a Deposition.

Mediation and arbitration services are offered at all-inclusive flat rates. No additional fees are charged for file origination or administration.                                  

All Virtual Hearings mediation resolution

All Mediations and  arbitrations are conducted via the Zoom teleconferencing platform or telephonically. There are never additional fees for remote services.